About us


Our company is owner of the Italian and international Patent of an Outsole provided with retractable crampons and shoes provided with that outsole.


The patent has been registered in the major countries of the world.


Our patented crampons system is identified by the registered brand “ing. COMOLI – Easy Grip System”.

product features


To walk on ice in great safety is the first efficacy test for the new Easy Grip System winter sole. The crampons have been positioned precisely where the weight of the body is felt the most, so that it always … Continue reading

Simply and Ecological

The simplicity of operation is an extremely important element which gives the Easy Grip System a unique value of usability and function. Very intuitive, it is truly easy to turn the crampon to the required position: all you need are … Continue reading

Safe and Secure

The Easy Grip System offers a great level of safety and security.   Security: first of all, the grip, provided by the stainless steel crampons, is firm and precise and allows you to walk with more security and fluency. The … Continue reading