How it works

Discover the Easy Grip System, the new system of retractable crampons that help you walk on snow and ice with a higher degree of security.
The innovative Easy Grip System outsole combines features of effectiveness and versatility with a really amazing simplicity of use. Everything is designed for maximum safety like the clever positioning of the crampons to give our shoes the highest possible grip. The result obtained is a grip up to 4 times greater than a normal sole.

Easy to use

The use of hidden crampons has never been as simple and easy as with the Easy Grip System that allows you to find, whenever you want, the right configuration for your needs.

The effectiveness of the Easy Grip System

The best evidence of the effectiveness of the new Easy Grip System sole is walking on frozen or compact snow. The crampons have been positioned in the spots where the weight of the body is concentrated: the heel and the metatarsus. In this way the grip is much safer and precise, and the walk is free and comfortable. The double crampon, located on the sole and heel, allows you to have the best assistance, both uphill and downhill, ensuring a natural and free walk even on flat road. The possibility to operate the two crampons of each sole separately allows you to accurately adapt the system to the terrain conditions, giving you the greatest efficiency and comfort.


The versatility of the Easy Grip System

The Easy Grip System sole allows you to adapt the crampons to the most varied path conditions. Let’s imagine having to walk into a store or get on a bus: you can not walk on crampons as you may damage the floors that you step on or risk slipping on smooth surfaces such as tile, marble or polished stones. If the segment of the floor you intend walk on is short, you can just retract the front crampons, leaving the rear ones exposed but without resting the heel on the floor. If you have to walk uphill and there is risk of finding ice hidden under the snow, then it is better to operate both crampons or just the front one; if you are going downhill, you should operate the rear one or even better both.

The ease of use of the Easy Grip System

The simplicity of operation is an extremely important element for the satisfaction of the purchase of a product.  The Easy Grip System sole has a unique degree of usability and functionality. It is really easy and intuitive to turn the crampon to the desired position: it literally requires just two fingers!
There is no need for special tools or complicated manoeuvres, to uncouple the crampons rotate them: you can simply lift it and swivel them around, even if you are wearing gloves. Also, as they are always arranged in the same housing, there is no need to remove the snow that compacted in the tread, to allow proper repositioning.

Easy Grip System therefore combines maximum efficiency with a remarkable ease of use, which makes the use pleasant and immediate, ensuring the user a high degree of satisfaction.

The ecological characteristic of the Easy Grip System

One of the peculiarities of the sole is that is made of 100%ecological and recyclable material, which prevents disposal problems and does not produce polluting waste. The raw material is free from harmful substances or pollutants and is fully compliant with European standards.

The security of the Easy Grip System

The operation of Easy Grip System ensures high levels of security and takes into account many factors, such as terrain conditions and the roughness of the terrain. The level of security achieved, both “active” and “passive” types, ensures maximum reliability even in the most critical situations.

Active Security:

The grip of the stainless steel crampons placed in a structure of thermoplastic resin, which plunge the claws into the compact and frozen snow, is firm and precise and allows you to walk with less anxiety or hesitation. The possibility of combining the front crampons with the rear ones, independently, allows you to adapt the system to terrain conditions, depending on specific security needs and personal comfort.

Passive Security:

it arises from the manufacturing characteristics of the sole which is designed so as to prevent the occurrence of critical situations. In fact, the release of the crampons is always in the direction of the heel. In this way, if for any reason the crampon slips away, it does not constitute a particular hazard since, just placing the foot back down on the ground, the crampon will be pushed towards the sole and it will hangup correctly.
This feature provides the Easy Grip System with a degree of passive security hard to find in other mobile equipment. In fact, the roughness of the ground can sometimes unhook crampons from their housing; in this case, if the crampon is directed towards the tip of the sole, it would point to the ground risking the user to stumble or compromise their stability!

NB: crampons should only be activated outdoors, in the presence of compacted snow or ice; motor vehicles must not be driven with crampons activated.

Efficiency tests

The tests carried out at the “Politecnico di Torino” (university), have confirmed the validity of the structure of the Easy Grip System and its efficiency.
The data obtained indicate that the presence of crampons increases the grip by more than 440%, giving the possibility to cope with gradients of up to 90% before losing grip.