Safe and Secure

The Easy Grip System offers a great level of safety and security.


  • Security: first of all, the grip, provided by the stainless steel crampons, is firm and precise and allows you to walk with more security and fluency. The possibility to activate the frontal and heel crampons independently or combined allows you to adapt the Easy Grip System™ to the ground conditions.
  • Safety: it results from the construction characteristics of the Easy Grip System™ by preventing as much as possible any critical situation of functioning that could happen.
  • The crampon is firmly held in its position by a strong magnet that attracts and captures the crampon. So, even if the roughness of the soil unhooks the crampon from its position, at the next step the crampon gets back automatically at its place.
  • The second important point about safety is the positioning in the walking direction. In this respect, no other grip device provides same safe: if the crampon gets accidentally unhooked and it is positioned toward the shoe’s toe, it could point down and let you stumble, causing a big risk to your stability and balance. For this reason our crampons are always toward the shoe’s heel in order to minimize the risk of falling.